Electronics Component Inventory

The question of how to keep track of your electronics components comes up a lot, see for example here or here.  The most frequently suggested solutions seem to be ecDB (demo available) and PartKeepr (demo currently down).  Neither has distributor integration and they both expect you to enter parts by hand.  I just don’t have the patience, so that’s a deal breaker for me.

Stupidly, I started working on my own solution.  I wrote some code (python + BeautifulSoup4) to scrape Mouser View Orders, View Order and Product Detail pages into  a Django database, and scraping Digi-Key is partially done (the two main distributors I use).  At least I can get a list of all the parts I’ve bought.  I plan to add a simple but functional front-end (web design is not my thing) and some kind of BOM support.  Get in touch if you want to help.

edit: zParts and tehologistics (on github) also possibly interesting.


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